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Important Letter on Chiropractors' Physical Therapy Privileges in MD

Below is a reprint of letter from Maryland Board of Chiropractic Examiners regarding the scope of practice of Maryland licensed chiropractors' physical therapy privileges.

This letter is available to all Maryland licensed chiropractors in the event your status to perform and bill for physical therapy services is questioned or challenged by insurance carriers:

"Pursuant to the explicit provisions of the Maryland Chiropractic Act (MD Code Annotated, Health Occupations Art., Section 3-1-1) licensed chiropractors are fully authorized to practice physical therapy without restriction. Additionally, section 3-301c of that Article clarifies this issue further by stating:

Practice of physical therapy permitted - A chiropractor who holds a license to practice chiropractic with the right to practice physical therapy may practice chiropractic and physical therapy in this state.

These statutory provisions are clear and unequivocal. Historically, chiropractors in Maryland retained the right to practice physical therapy years before a physical therapy board even existed. The right to practice physical therapy has consistently been retained by the chiropractic profession and has never been diminished or reduced by the Legislature. Significantly, chiropractors holding a physical therapy endorsement on their license must pass an extensive physiotherapy examination by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners and must pass a minimum of 270 hours of didactic and clinical curriculum in physical therapy from an accredited school.

Any attempt to interpret the aforementioned statutory provisions in a manner to deny or to reduce physical therapy privileges for chiropractors is fully inconsistent with the law enacted by the MD General Assembly. It is this Board's consistent position (supported by the MD Office of Attorney General) that the aforementioned rights and privileges must be fully recognized by healthcare practitioners, insurers and underwriters. To do otherwise is to unlawfully restrict and to jeopardize the right of Maryland licensed chiropractors to fully and freely practice their profession. Any questions may be addressed to the undersigned at 4l0-764-4726 (James Vallone)."


Important Information on Practicing Pediatric Adjustments

Issue: May MD Chiropractors practice pediatric adjustments on children under the age of 12?

Response of J. J. Vallone, J.D. Executive Director written - September/2002:

In accordance with MD Annotated Code, Health Occupations Article, Section 3-301, et seq, chiropractors in Marland are permitted to practice chiropractic without restriction in regard to the age of the patient. Neither the statute nor the regulations limit or restrict the chiropractic adjustment or treatment of children under the age of twelve. Treatment of children is routinely accomplished, providing that the parent or guardian authorizes the adjustment/treatment. Such treatment is professionally considered neither novel nor experimental by the Board, the MCA or by any national or international professional chiropractic society. Chiropractors in Maryland and throughout the U.S. have traditionally practiced chiropracti on children under the age of twelve, including infants. It is taught in chiropractic colleges and is the subject of numerous continuing education programs.

The Board submits that any potision of any carrier to withhold payment for adjustment of children under the age of twelve is without a basis in fact, law or regulation and disserves the Maryland Chiropractic Profession. Chiropractic care and treatment of children under the age of twelve is (and has been) within the scope of practice of Maryland Chiropractors for many years and has never been officially challenged before this Board.

J. J. Vallone, J.D.
Executive Director